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Jessi and I
On Monday March 11th, 2013 I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to meet Jessi malay. While she was traveling across the states promoting her single Bougie, She stopped in New York City for several performances. I at the time was only 16 and couldn't see her live at any clubs, but luckily, instead i got to meet up with her at Dean and Deluccas coffee shop! I Got to meet her best friend Luisa Iskin who is an amazing human being, and i got Jessi to sign my cd collection. I cried the moment i saw her. The feeling i got to finally meet my idol since i was 5 has yet to be matched. This was one of the best days of my life.

- New York Fashion Week 2015-
On Friday May 30th, 2014 I finally Re-united with my hero. Saw Her on tour with Danity Kane at the house of blues in Boston. This was a special Night for many reasons, one being, it was the first time i ever saw her perform live and she didn't disappoint! Another reason was because i got to go back stage and hang out with her, I truly felt like such a spoiled Malayniac. Finally, my favorite part of the night was getting a shout out from jessi on stage for being a long term fan, meeting her husband and team members and walking away from the night with tons of new Jessi Malay Merchandise. This is a night i will never forget <3

 - Boston Pride 2015-

Street Team!!! XOXO, 

NOISES | It's release day!!
!!! After the longest hiatus
 from releasing original music… 
NOISES is here!
This is my first single
release off my first official
solo album and I couldn’t
 be more excited to share
 all that I’ve been working
 on with you guys! The
 new music talks a lot
about what the 
Give Me
Life EP
 touched on,
Love + Lust, but has grown into a whole new direction of its own. I’ve got a lot of surprises for you on this project including really dope guest features and collaborations! I just feel so grateful to finally be releasing a full length body of work and to have you all along through the journey! Your relentless support, encouragement, and energy is beyond appreciated and vital…thank you!

Below are some BTS pics from the NOISES video shoot, coming soon! We shot in the most eerily charming, abandoned old theater in downtown LA and wanted to create a world of dark beauty, a ballet to bondage theme! One of my dear friends and incredibly talented designer, Michael Costello, creative directed the video, Carmit (from the PussycatDolls) choreographed, Etienne Ortega (glam to the gods) was head of hair and makeup, and of course The Coalition Group (headed up by my business partner/bestie, Luisa Iskin) produced it all! If you’re wondering who’s behind the music these days, it’s power trio BPM, a production team here in LA that is comprised of producer Deep H2oz, writer and singer Mika Lett, and writer/singer/vocal producer Philip White…my dream team! None of what I do could be possible without all of these incredibly talented, big hearted individuals (and you guys of course!). Check out below on how you can help with the release of NOISES! 

XOXO Jessi

Fan Giveaway Contest
 Exclusive Fetish T-Shirts

Congratulations to our four winners! The Jessi Malay Street Team is so excited that we got our first contest up and finished! And now we can finally get to the good part... SENDING OFF THESE AMAZING T's !!

This entire Contest was in honor of an amazing era of Jessi Malay music. Between the Give Me Life EP, the DK No Filter Tour and a complete set of Music Videos, Jessi is slaying music wise. Not to mention her fashion blog MyWhiteT.Com has grow ten fold over the past year and she has weekly beauty tips as a Host of ModaMob!

BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who made the first fan contest so great! To Miguel For Creating the amazing T-shirts, To the Malayniacs for entering and keeping the drive going and to the Street team for kicking butt in promo! #Malayniacs we rock!

*NOTE: All Winners were randomly pulled from a Hat. No Winner was specifically chosen.
A message to the fans from Jessi..
-Get to know what really seperates Jessi from other artist's in her own words

Jessi Malay EPK

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These are for the MediaBase site and anyone inside the US and outside can help, 
It's all pop stations inside the US, just scroll to the bottom of each link to see this screen:
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Then these links are for every Friday to help with the following week!
1 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WFMF-FM Baton Rouge
2 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WHKF-FM Harrisburg
3 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KCDU-FM Monterey-Salinas
4 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KLAL-FM Little Rock
5 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WERO-FM Greenville, NC
6 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WNOK-FM Columbia, SC
7 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WYKS-FM Gainesville
8 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WMFQ-FM Gainesville
9 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WWHT-FM Syracuse
10 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WNTQ-FM Syracuse
11 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KKMG-FM Colorado Springs
12 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WJBQ-FM Portland, ME
13 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WVYB-FM Daytona Beach
14 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KZBD-FM Spokane
15 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WVKS-FM Toledo
17 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WABD-FM Mobile
16 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WWWM-FM Toledo
19 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WBLI-FM Nassau-Suffolk
18 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WZEE-FM Madison, WI
21 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KSLZ-FM St. Louis
20 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WZFT-FM Baltimore
23 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=WKST-FM Pittsburgh
22 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KBFF-FM Portland, OR
25 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KXXM-FM San Antonio
24 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KDND-FM Sacramento
27 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KUDD-FM Salt Lake City
26 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KTFM-FM San Antonio
28 http://www.mediabase...p?c_let=KZHT-FM Salt Lake City

These links are minor stations, I know it's a LOT please do the top 20 at least they're most important :)

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Text: 37530



Text: 55100 

I know it's a lot guys but your support will help the single get the success it deserves, Jessi and everyone involved did such a great job!

If you haven't yet purchased the song please do and don't forget to stream it through Spotify, Soundcloud etc.
Also Shazam the track is can help it within their database!

Stay bougie and request!

-Michael xo